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Some characters look a bit odd in the DBZ style (I sure as hell wasn't ready for Buff Mewtwo), but all in all, you did a fantastic job!

You deserve applause just on the traditional pencil animation alone. I'm happy to see there's someone out there not only animating with paper and pencil, but doing it so well and with a vintage flair too. My only criticism is that the magician's spike box gag was kind of predictable, but that's not to say it wasn't still enjoyable to sit through. Great work!

Fantastic work, man. The background work, effects and character animation are all very well done, which is a big plus because it's not very common to see puppet animation that fluid. I also like how you didn't fall back on the usual OPM fanimation tropes, like reusing the "okay" joke or showing Saitama totally passive during the fight just for him to KO his opponent with the serious punch. Sure it's probably accurate to the source material, and it works for that environment, but when almost every fanimation does it, it loses it's kick fast. Seeing Saitama get a blood-pumping fight is a breath of fresh air. My only criticism would have to be that a lot of the sound effects kinda sounded low-quality, but I chalk that up to watching it on mobile. Other than that, fantastic work!

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I like how the player will gradually have to balance knowing when to grab pick-ups and when to rescue friends. As it is now, there's not really much to this, but there's potential in this neat little concept for something greater. It'll be cool to see this expanded upon.

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The linework is crisp and clean! Amazing work, dude!

dyemooch responds:

Thank you! Much appreciated!

Funny, I was just playing this a few days ago. I was starting to think I was the only one who ever played it. Great work!

TommeyPinkiemonkey responds:

You can thank my best mate for introducing me to Puggsy. In fact, I've played the game very li'l myself, but I just find the game itself super interesting and impressive to look at.

Your art style is always a visual treat, dude. Also, your take on Tifa is high-tier <3

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